DEBNAMS Engineering Department Led by Russell Debnam (Director) in charge of the complete follow-up of all equipment supplied in the UK, from the first project drawing to manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Quality Control
Before despatch, all individual components are thoroughly checked and, where appropriate, weight-tested and certified by qualified inspectors. All equipment complies with the requirements of the British Standards Codes of Practice for testing and commissioning.
We undertake the routine servicing and weight testing including major overhauls and refurbishment of older installations. Following this all equipment will then apply to BSEN1808 and Loler and Puwer.
We also have the service facilities of overseas agents, providing technical backup, servicing and spare parts

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

As cradle equipment becomes more complex every year and Health & Safety becomes more stringent, new breeds of window cleaners or cradle operators are required. We have taken on the task of training all our window cleaners, this way we can guarantee that when we undertake to clean your windows, the job gets done on schedule and to exacting standards.

How? - Simple:
We ensure continuity of operations through training, which means we undertake your window cleaning with minimum downtime and no breakdown charges, resulting in no call out charges which is the industry standard.


Building Services




DEBNAMS Ltd Cradles Engineering - Updating equipment to BS6037

Is the brand name of a new generation of Building Maintenance Units, developed by Debnams Limited and its partner companies. Skygondola Europe is a designer of Building Maintenance Equipment such as:-

These products are designed and built in accordance with the latest European Standard EN 1808. European technology and British qualitystandards combined with state-of-the-art technology. Any design, whether single jib machines or double jib machines, with or without luffing and slewing devices can be achieved and made to order.

Permanent installation can be delivered either on concrete tracks or on double vertical or horizontal rail track. As a lifting device Skygondola use single layer and optionally multilayer drum hoist with all required safety devices. The layout of themachine will always be adapted to the architectural requirements of the building and all drawings will be prepared by our Chartered Engineers. Semi-permanent machines are Building Maintenance units without lifting a device in the machine, but all other features are similar. From the trolley, a motorised cradle with EW traction hoists and COILMATIC wire winders, is suspended and can also be interchanged from one suspension system to the other in order to economise the complete installation.


Custom Equipment

Mansafe Systems




Upon customers request and the architectural design, we are also in the position to design and install DAVIT systems, MONORAIL systems as well as LADDER and GANTRYsystems, which are manufactured from quality aluminium alloy and extruded aluminium profiles. These installations can either be designed as external or internal installations. Also, here, we use our motorised cradles. Skygondola’s own Engineering Department, is in charge of the complete follow-up of all equipment supplied, from the first project drawing and manufacturing, installation up to commissioning. Debnams Limited will then follow up with regular maintenance visits through our Airborne Cradles Division

Fire Extinguisher Service and Maintenance

All fire extinguishers are required to have inspections carried out by a competent trained person to ensure they are in date, certificated and are in working order. DEBNAMS LTD ensures all employees have up to date training and are fully competent to carry out the works given to them.

Our fire extinguisher team led by Gary Whiteley (Technician BAFE  Certificated) are certificated with full training and knowledge to carry out safe and correct maintenance on portable fire extinguishers in accordance to BS 5306-3.

We also supply new fire extinguishers and safety signs.  
All of our fire extinguisher services are carried out to BS 5306-3 and BS 5306-8, our inspections will be tailored to your needs. After all inspections are carried out you will be provided with an Inspection Sheet by the technician on site and also an Inspection Certificate via email.