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Manufacturing New Equipment
The task of keeping building façades looking as attractive as when they were first built, calls not only for regular cleaning but also for regular inspections and maintenance. Our permanent installations, already in use for many years, are the perfect answer to these requirements, permitting easy, safe rapid approach to the building façade and atrium façade, regardless of height.

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Permanent and Semi Permanent Machines

Ideally, a permanent installation should be incorporated at the planning stage of a building.
This way, costs can be minimized by using standard cradle equipment, while at the same time avoiding unseen complications involved in special construction, such as:

  • Unsightly additions
  • Water-proofing roblems
  • Nevertheless, it is always possible to provide a new, custom-built unit on an existing structure. Any design, whether a single or double jibmachine, with or without luffing and a slewing device, can be made to order.

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Debnams has a team of engineers and specialist technitians covering; mechanical fitters, fabricator welders, pipe welders, plumbers, electricians, marine fitters, millwrights

Debnams Refurbishment

Cradles Engineering - Updating Equipment to BS6037

Most of the cradle equipment fitted in the 70’s and 80’s does not meet the current British Standard recommendations and should be updated or replaced to ensure the safety of the equipment and its users. For example:-


The British Standards will become statutory sooner rather than later and it is worth remembering that the cost of repairs will inevitably rise as demand grows.


DEBNAMS Ltd Installer of ROODSAFE Fall arrest systems

Roodsafe™ Mansafe system is permanently installed on buildings and other structures where accessing areas or carrying out maintenance exposes workers to the risk of a fall. The Mansafe lifeline system incorporates two energy-absorbing devices on either end, as well as intermediate brackets, which limit the load on the structure to 6 KN in case of a fall. This allows the system to be fixed to relatively delicate structures.The Mansafe lifeline is designed to protect up to two users attached simultaneously to the same line. The users should be fitted with a full body harness and a lanyard with energy absorber, they connect themselves on the lifeline via a glider which travels on the line.


As quoted by one of our major client:

“The quality of the Mansafe system and workmanship is superb, all this and completed to our timescale - perfect!”